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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 25, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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home. >> reporter: his mom is 20-year- old whitney mcgee, the mom who frantically turned up at children's national medical center this morning to be reunited. he was brought here after police found him at a bus stop northeast at 6:30 in the morning. he was with 16-year-old jenae boozer who has been detained. she had been left in charge of the boy by his father, 20-year- old charles birch when birch went to buy cigarettes. then boozer and the baby vanished while he was gone. >> there's nothing you can say, nothing you can do. all you can do is say to god, bring my little boy home. i'm peggy fox in mcclay where a psychiatrist was killed in mcclean by one of his patients who then killed herself. it's raising concerns with other psychiatrists about their safety. he would try to get as high as he could behind the boat. >> she says her colleague, dr. mark lawrence, lived life to
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the fullest, perfecting jumping the wake of a boat. she says his passion for psychiatry was just as strong, training hundreds of other psychiatrists, including her. friday he was fatally shot in his mcclean home by one of his own patients. police say 62-year-old barbara newman who lived alone in this vienna home first fatally shot dr. lawrence and then herself. >> how do we tune into this and protect ourselves? >> reporter: but for now, friends of dr. mark lawrence will just be focusing on the man who's shoes will never be filled. i'm armando trull in frederick where authorities are investigating several suspicious fires that have caused hundreds ever thousands of dollars in damages. >> i don't see it. i can hear the smoke alarms. >> reporter: elizabeth and arthur slayed say they almost died sunday morning after their home nearly burned down under suspicious circumstances. >> as he was going out the front door, the carport door exploded. >> reporter: 30 minutes later, there was another fire, just a few blocks away on 8th street. it was quickly put out.
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in march, three suspicious fires in the same neighborhood. and late last year, this house was set ablaze twice. >> it's kind of scary, because, you know, we don't know what's going to happen now. but i'm hoping that they catch the person who was doing this so that we don't have to worry anymore. >> reporter: maryland state fire marshals are investigating with assistance from the frederick police department. some strong summer storms push through our area today. we are really hoping that means cooler temperatures but are they done for the night? >> most of the storms south of town, derrick, so i think if you want on go outside the next couple of hours, you'll be all right. still fairly humid. eventually more comfortable air will roll in. most of the storms now across the eastern shore and down into the northern neck. there are a couple of storms to the northwest of hagerstown. for the most part we're done with storms in the immediate area. 82 right now, temperatures going back up. actually 79 in gaithersburg, 81
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in manassas. it feels like 87 downtown with the humidity, and feels like 93 in frederick, but nothing like we dealt with last week. for tonight then, thunderstorms ending early and then partly cloudy becoming less muggy, low 68 to about 76. we'll come back and tell you how long the less humid air will last and if we're looking at another heat wave late in the week. >> thank you, topp. they eased some of the laws in light of the stifling heat. riders were allowed to bring water on the trains and allowed to drink it. but even though temperatures were over 90 degrees, the decision was made to end thataccession. so while you can carry bottled water on the metro, the rules are back to no drinking. do you think the ban on eating and drinking should be changed? remember the 12-year-old girl who was handcuffed and arrested for eating french fries a couple of years back? arguably, the ban does keep the
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system a bit cleaner, but what do you think? share your thoughts at after weeks of debate, metro will shorten the names of 11 of its stations. on that list, woodly park, new york avenue, mt. vernon square, archives, west falls church, u- - street, rhode island avenue stations. metro is hoping to have all that work done by next summer. and speaking of getting around, let's get outside for the evening rush hour. monika samtani with the traffic. a little rough out there earlier but i see we're green now. >> i just changed it to green. let's take you around town. first of all, over to silver spring where there was an accident on the northbound side of georgia avenue and layhill road. it's still along the right side of the road. it should be clearing shortly. keep that in mind if you're heading out of wheaton. 270 looks great. no problems really between the beltway and germantown all the
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way up to frederick, we're looking good. through 355 and bradley boulevard, the lights are out at bethesda. that is a four way stop. route 50 on the eastbound side, a little heavier than normal trying to get over the bay bridge because of a disabled vehicle just cleared. back to you derrick. the clock is clicking on a potential traffic nightmare in parts of virginia and maryland. congressman jim more ran asking the -- moran asking to expedite a request to asked shuttle service from the pentagon to arlington hall. government workers will be transferred there as part of the base realignment plan. in maryland, employees are set to relocate to fort immediate and most of -- fort meade and most of them work at the pentagon right now. they are working out an agreement that will let riders transfer between the two systems for free. the transportation security administration caught a lot of flack last year when one of its agents dislodged a cancer
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patient's urostomy bag spilling its contents all over the man. now the same guy says it happened again. thomas sawyer says he was flying from detroit to orlando when it all went down. he warned the tsa agents be careful as they patted him down. he was never even offered the option of going to a private screening area. he thought he made a difference about this sort of thing when he spoke out last november, but now he's angry about the whole thing once again. and do not be startled if you hear low-flying jets later tonight. the north american aerospace command or norad are planning exercises between 11:30 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. in the weather becomes an issue, the drills will take place tomorrow night. only on 9:00 news tonight, a northeast washington woman saysher car was booted, towed away and auctioned off, all while she was in the hospital. tonight, the department of public works says it is
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investigating. andrew mccarren with this unusual story. >> when they said it was sold, i just burst out in tears. >> reporter: monique jenkins was hospitalized and in acute care eight weeks. while she fought for her life in a coma, her car parked in front of her northeast washington home was booted, towed away, put on the auction block and sold. >> i started crying. then i said, how can this happen? it has to be some law to protect people who are in the hospital. >> reporter: her ordeal can be traced to one unpaid speed camera ticket in d.c. for $100. monique says she simply had forgotten to pay it. >> the cars were way more than what the ticket was. >> reporter: the car is a 2005 dodge magnum with 60,000 miles. she bought it used in 2008 for $13,000. it's still under a three-year warranty. >> they never contacted me by phone. i didn't get anything in the mail. >> reporter: when she learned from a family member the car had been towed, monique tracked
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it to the blue planes impound lot. by then the fees soared to more than $1,400, a price she was willing to pay. >> i was prepared to pay that, because i know what that car is worth. it's a lot more than $1,400. >> reporter: the department of public works alleges that monique jenkins had three unpaid tickets which would have made her car eligible for auction. it's a number jenkins disputes. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> thank you so much, andrea. first tonight, we have stories for you coming up. football's back. still to come, brett haber will have details on the strike and the deal that lives the lockout. but first, cozy coverages. is it a fad or art? one woman's answer up next.
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have you heard about the increasingly popular trend known as yawn bombing? just last week arlington county posted this picture on its facebook page. somebody covered part after bus stop sign with a yawn. then there's this. she's taken the craze to a whole new level, crocheting an entire apartment in new york and even wall street's famous charging bull.
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she says don't call it yarn bombing. >> i'm a professional artist. i'm a professional sculptor. >> it's yarn bombing lady. her work will be convicted next year. topper is -- her work will be exhibited next year. while congress is tackling the debt ceiling, some members of the house are getting an easier way to take a break from the debate. we'll explain in a minute. stay with us.
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back now with an update on the story we first brought you last december. for the first time in history, female members of the u.s. house of representatives now have a convenient place to use the restroom. ever since 1962, they've had to walk from the chamber through statutory hall. they use a bathroom in the congressional reading room. but the male counterparts had a place to go steps from the chamber in the speakers lobby. now the women have their own restroom just off the house chamber as well. in 8 days, the u.s. could default on its loans if congress doesn't raise the debt limit in time. both parties out with new plans to do just that. neither side seems ready to support the other side's idea. >> republicans short-term plan is a nonstarter in the senate and in the white house. >> the plan is full of gimmicks. we're not making any real
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changes in the spending structure of our government. >> both plans propose raising a limit while cutting trillions in spending and leaving taxes alone. but republicans do not want as long of a deal as the democrats do. president obama will address the nation about both plans tonight, 9:00. we'll carry it live right here. another thing congress cannot seem to agree on, a measure to keep the federal aviation administration operating. the agency lost its authority to run friday at midnight. that's shut down dozens of airport construction projects and furloughed almost 4,000 workers. that does not include any air- traffic controllers or airline inspectors, however. and the faa also cannot collect taxes on your flight, so the tickets to fly until it's reauthorized. that has airlines jumping at the chance to make a little extra cash. so when you used to buy a ticket for $250 and including your taxes, now the airline are charging that entire amount. now, the government estimates it was collecting about $200 million a week in taxes. all that money now going
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directly to the airlines. if you had your money on the nfl lockout ending before the debt ceiling was resolved, you win. the lockout was lifted just hours ago once the players unanimously approved a deal that will get them back on the field this week. we get the details from brett haber. well, derrick, we thought we had this thing done when i joined you from atlanta on thursday. as the old saying goes, it takes two to tango. as of last thursday, only the owners were tangoing. today here behind me, the players joined the dance. at 2:00 this afternoon, the executive committee of the players union along with theplayer reps from all 32 teams voted to unanimously approve the collective bargaining agreement. contrary to rumors floating around over the weekend, there is no opt out clause for either side. the deal is firm, ten years guaranteeing a decade of labor peace going forward in the nfl. >> we're grateful for all the work that both parties did to make sure that we came to this stage today. and make sure for the fans that
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we can sit here and say football's back. >> i know that it has been a very long process, but our guys stood together when nobody thought we would. and football is back. >> as for the redskins, here's the time line for them as we understand it. redskins park will be open tomorrow morning. players are open to show up and work out then. that's also the deal teams can negotiate the deal with all rookies and free agents. the redskins will report for training camp on wednesday. they will work with no pads thursday. full pad workouts with contact on saturday. four and a half months of labor strikes come to an end with only one football game missed. that will be the hall of fame game in canton. at union headquarters in northwest, i'm brett haber. derrick, back to you. as soon as they open up those doors, ill be in there talking to the coaches, starting to get in on the linebacker. understanding that from a mental aspect and just continue to work. >> that's linebacker lorenzo alexander. he was with the rest of his teammates in philly this morning helping kids get ready for back to school already by
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donating thousands of dollars in supplies. a good cause, so school is coming back a little faster than any of us thought, i think. >> are you going to be okay with no hall of fame game? >> i think i'll survive. it's going to be tough. last night at 11:35, it was 91 degrees. i've never seen such a thing. >> which is why we say if you exercise, do it early in the morning. the good news is we will have less humidity tomorrow and on wednesday. the bad news is tempt aren't going to change a lot. let's start with live doppler 9000. all the showers are now south of us and across the bay. they produced primarily flash flood warnings earlier. they were heavy rain producers. there's a leftover shower northwest of hagerstown. this is a pretty heavy storm, not severe, but rainfall rates in the red here indicate 1-2 inches per hour to the west of hancock. and moderate rain in hancock. where is it going to go in the
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next hour? it will continue to move to the south. it will weaken a little bit as it crosses 522 and rolls right on through bath. a couple more storms still possible tonight, but most of the activity is through, and that is to the south and east. because we had rain-cooled air, temps are lower. 82 downtown isn't bad. 84 in leesburg. pretty warm in hagerstown and frederick and martinsburg, mid to upper 80s there. cold front, albeit weak, misnomer, roll through and break our humidity. more comfortable late tonight. sunny in the morning. grab your sunglasses. it will be hot on tuesday but less humid. for tonight, thunderstorms ending early. partly cloudy and less muggy. 68 to 76. winds out of the southwest but becoming northwest at 10 after midnight. so lows tonight inside the beltway mid-70s. that's really not bad considering where we have been. upper 60s in rockville and
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gaithersburg. that's where buoy. 71 in waldorf and charles county and 69 in fairfax. tomorrow morning, sunshine. less humid, plenty warm though. 70s and 80s. then by afternoon, mostly sunny. hot, yes, but less humid, more comfortable. high temperatures back into the low 90s. we were 93 then again. next 7 days. we stay hot. wednesday, we're still in the low 90s, but still relatively comfortable in terms of humidity. then humidity creeps back in here on thursday and heat really comes back here on friday, saturday, and sunday. we're back in the upper 90s, derrick. maybe isolated storms. that's it. even next monday we are still in the mid-90s. >> here we go again with another ridiculous weekend. >> yes. >> thank you. let's get to the weird news file because our metro system had its share of escalated problems, well-known. what if there were a way to bypass a broken escalator without walking all the way to the elevator? to the netherlands where they installed a transfer accelerator. in other words, a great big old
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sliding board, sort of like the local playground except for big people. grown men, i'm told, have been spotted with big old smiles after riding this thing. women giggling like schoolgirls as they slide down. designers are calling it a gift to commuters. they say they hope it creates a playful urban area in the midst of the doldrums of commuting. on the other hand nobody is talking about exactly what you do to get back up. >> right. >> because the going down actually when the escalator is broken, that's the easy part. >> or after a concert. >> it's the getting back up. that would be tough. >> a little slippery. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag. the address, 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight, the budget deal or rather the lack thereof. she watched the president talk about it last friday, but he's not sure we're getting the whole story. as i listened to president obama, he said, i suspect all was not correct. the speaker wouldn't walk out of an agreement unless a substantial change was made. we must lower our debt now. if you operated your household the way the government botches our finances you would be bankrupt. but he says do not blame the president for a lack of a solution. my wife and i are quite disgusted with congress in general and specifically with
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speaker baner's comments that he will no longer deal with the president but with the congress. shouldn't he have been dealing with the congress all along? the president is not responsible for developing legislation. that's the job of congress and speaker boehner. congress has failed. finally, we have this who wanted to hear more from speaker boehner. i was a loyal 9 news now viewer. tonight you lost me as a viewer. i am disgusted by broadcasting the president's entire teach while cutting off john boehner's response. that was highly inappropriate and you should be ashamed of yourself. you've joined the ranks of the common media and that is sad. it is sad you will not be watching but i will point out that president barack obama is the president and what he says is more news worthy. he's got the bully pulpit after all. it's got nothing to do with the
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party. we handle it as fairly as we can, just like we handle your e- mails. don't believe me? drop us a line. the address is that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brikman. tonight, we're woking on a debt ceiling. a complete wrap-up after the president's primetime speech tonight at 11:00. log on any time to we'll see you a little later. bye-bye.
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this is "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. ♪ they tried to make me go to rehab ♪ >> the amy winehouse investigation. what we know right now. london police are saying don't be so quick to call it a drug overdose. the coroner's autopsy results. her history of drug abuse. >> she was always cutting herself. plus -- ♪ you know that i would be a liar ♪ >> the trajic dead at 27 club. maria's 911 call after her son's serious injury. >> he's having trouble breathing. "the big bang theory" new season secrets. straight from the stars. >> he may have two women and no sex. kim kardashian crashed her


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